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Name: Edmund Deyncourt
DOB: September 8, 1309
DOD: April 3, 1352
Age: 706
Place of Birth: London, England
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Tone: Pale
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 180 lbs
Build: Muscular
Alignment: Evil
PB: Richard Burgi

Species: Vampire (V:tM)
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camerilla
Derangement: Schizophrenia
Generation: 7th
Nature: Scientist - To a Scientist, existence is a puzzle which she can help to reassemble. A Scientist logically and methodically examines her every situation and maneuver, looking for logical outcomes and patterns. This is not to say that the Scientist is always looking for a scientific or rational explanation, but rather, that she examines her surroundings rigorously and with a critical eye. The system a Scientist attempts to impose on the world may be completely ludicrous, but it is a system, and she sticks by it. Scientists have high Mental Attributes, and often hold low-ranking positions in Camarilla city governments. Regain Willpower any time a logical, systematic approach to a problem helps you solve it, or information gathered logically is of use in another, similar situation.
Demeanor: Eye of the Storm - Despite your calm subtle appearance, chaos and havoc seems to follow you. From burning cities to emotional upheaval, death and destruction circle you like albatrosses. For you, unlife is a never-ending trial with uncertainty around every corner. Gang leaders, political figures and other influential individuals exemplify the Eye of the Storm Archetype. - Regain a point of Willpower whenever a ruckus, riot or less violent phenomenon occurs around you.

  • Auspex - 6
  • Dementation - 6
  • Obfuscate - 4
  • Obtenebration - 2
  • Presence - 1
Location: New York City, NY

Important Note: His bite causes temporary madness in normal humans, and it gets worse as he feeds more. For this reason, he can usually be found around mental hospitals, homeless shelters, and the like.


I was a doctor in England before I was turned. Oxford was a centuries-old institution even when I was mortal. My family paid a small fortune for the privilege of my education and in turn I became a doctor of the rich. Higher than my original station in life. More influence than any of my family. But I confess it wasn't the power I enjoyed, but the access to the great classical thinkers. The works of Hippocrates and Aristotle fascinated me, especially, but even the teachings of the East were interesting to me. I tested and retested theories. I became, frankly, consumed by my medical work, especially once the Plague began. I think that's what originally called them to me.

Them, yes. Two of them. Vampires, though I didn't know it at the time. One, a dark and haunting sailor, an Italian whose knowledge of classical Greece and Rome outstripped my own. The other, a blond Frenchman who argued incessantly, madly with me about the true nature of the world. I confess I found them both fascinating. Even when my life started to fall apart.

I think now I must have been caught in power games between them. And for a time, I think Alessandro was winning. My family, removed to the countryside from the Plague-ridden cities, fell victim to the Black Death. I have never figured out how, but I think he must have induced a sick traveler to bed down on our property. My mentor and fellow doctor went mad and was locked up in Bethlem. My research was discredited and found myself increasingly drawing the ire of the Church. The rich increasingly barred their doors to me and I found myself forced to treat the Plagued and the sick of the cities. I think the feud would have continued, but during one of our frequent debates, I pushed my Sire too far and he tore into me. He regained himself, but not before I passed a point I might recover. The Blood, I think, was an apology of sorts.

I didn't have the Sight before I was turned. Flashes of insight, perhaps, but I never saw things, never heard things that felt like divine truth. Truth was almost overwhelming. I think I almost lost my life several times as a fledgling. I know now that those years are difficult anyway, but made even harder when things are crying, clawing, biting you in order to get you to do their will. Somehow I survived. I think it may have been my scientific ability, which wasn't dimmed in the slightest by the Blood. Even on bad days, I could find quiet in research.

My Sire and I parted ways. I've never asked Alessandro if we really parted ways or if he had something to do with it. I think I already know the answer, and that is the reason I've never seen my mad Frenchman again. Whatever the reason, Alessandro and I managed to rekindle our friendship and we conversed when he was in town. He always returned to the sea. It was a longing for him. I joined him on more than one venture. All I can say about that is that the sea is no place for me.

It's not a one-sided friendship. I've destroyed more than one threat on his life. More than one he didn't see coming. And he protected me. It's worked well. We've both survived, even through the split that put us on different sides of a bitter factional divide.

I have lucid moments. I use them to continue my research. The modern age wonderful for that, so many new things to see, to understand their place in the greater web...analyze the web and find its pattern. I'm sorry, I digress.

The important facts are that I am sure that for now, I'm seen as a benign, harmless presence among the Camerilla. A modern Seer, watching the spider's web of the world in wonder. Which is a good thing, because I hardly wish to show any of them what I'm truly capable of. The things my Sabbat friend has taught me. Maybe one day I'll return the favor.


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